Colour consultancy

Having trouble choosing the right colour for your home? Sick of looking at a million types of white wondering what is the difference?


Ascend painting now offers colour consultancy, now there is no communication mix up between designer and painter!. We will work with you to develop a colour palette that creates a balance between all the varying materials and textures in your home from furniture and flooring to walls and window furnishings then provides a free painting quote to get the job done right!.


What's included in a colour consultation

During an in-home consultation, we’ll discuss your colour needs, ideas and aspirations for inside, outside or both.

  • In-home consultation, from 1.5 hours

  • We’ll meet and discuss your colour needs for inside, outside or both.

  • Following your colour consult, you’ll receive a full paint schedule with your final colour selections. This report will detail all the products and colours for your project and is everything our painters will need to get started on your job.

  • you'll also receive a free painting quote with 10 year warranty


As part of your interior colour consults, you’ll also receive a flat-lay image to help guide furniture and fabrics decisions to complement the new colour palette in your home. Take it with you shopping and it will help make your scheme last for decades.